Monday, September 28, 2009

Greetings from Kiawah Island

Yeah, I wish I were there too but at the moment I'm spending a few hours vegetating with Ben - resting my weary bones from the busy weekend at Duluth, Georgia's Fall Festival. Despite having part of Saturday rained out the rest of the weekend was an overall success. And thanks to my dear friends, artists, and hosts - Cher & Rick Austin - I was able to save lodging expenses while enjoying the relaxation of their incredible home. I'm also happy to report that no fire ants were seen (except for the few that traveled with me in my van who met their untimely demise shortly after it was unloaded).

So as you go about your Monday activities enjoy these photographs sent to my mother last week via her real estate agent. Then close your eyes and rekindle the memories of that trip to the beach or the lake or that special place where you relaxed this past summer. I promise you'll feel better.