Thursday, August 27, 2009

New Paintings from the SoulShiner

I've kept busy during my off weeks in August. Despite my inventory unexpectedly not getting depleted I have the need to slap paint on a canvas. And as I said in the previous post I just can't seem to tap into Mick Jagger's need to "paint it black."

Yes, there are two pieces that are a bit more serious because I included some interesting quotes for a change but the passion for color obviously overwhelms me. But it kind of pisses me off that when troubles are mounting I continue to produce really decent work. I also find it strange how much I fancy Vincent Van Gogh's work and embrace the dark side his many "isolation" works. Most everyone unfamiliar with his background view his darkest themes as cheerful! Perhaps I should do a self-portrait sans an ear to reach a more serious side of me? Maybe that's the surface I've been scratching for 25 years now.

These are just few of the things I've completed and I'm working on another half dozen paintings...

"Good Day, Sunshine!"
I think this is like 18" x 24"? I could be wrong because I keep working on this guy.

"Perry the Pelican, Jr."
24" x 36" commission (right side)

"Petie & Penny the Pelicans"
24" x 36" commission (left side)

24" x 30" canvas

"Peace Too"
24" x 30" canvas

"Flamingo Flirts"
24" x 36" canvas

"Flip Flops"
16" x 20" canvas panel


McMGrad89 said...

I like the peace and love paintings. Those flip flops are fun too. Thanks for sharing.


Gretchen said...

Awesome work--esp the peace and love. I wish I were rich AND had a big house w/lots of wall space :(


flutter said...

these are so happy!

Kyla said...

You do produce bright and cheerful work, Bennie. I love it.

Corina said...

Beautiful. I am completely digging the colors. Wonderful work. Keep slapping that paint on canvas.