Friday, August 07, 2009

And on the Seventh Day...

As always on the 7th of each month you can find us here. I really want our regular readers to visit Hopeful Parents as often as possible. In fact become a member of our community! The fact that you are visiting us you must have a passing interest in issues facing families of exceptional children. I promise it won't hurt and it won't cost you anything...except maybe a tear every now and then.

Just as an introduction to this month's entry, I've been privileged to work behind the scene with Christina Shaver (the founder of Hopeful Parents) and Rebekah Sprecher in getting our Facebook and Twitter accounts up and running. They are the heart and brains behind our social media sites - I'm just the cheerleader.

If you haven't done so follow us on Twitter and become a fan of Hopeful Parents on Facebook. It will help us make a difference.

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