Monday, June 01, 2009

Romancing Roanoke

I have to admit: I am wiped out. Exhausted to the core. Even Ben's nurse, Miss Vicki, asked if I was okay when I walked in this afternoon to greet Ben following a five hour drive from Roanoke, Virginia. After a 3 hour nap I'm probably a little easier on the eyes to my fellow mankind for the moment. And guess what? I am thrilled that I am this tired.

The weekend in Roanoke was amazing! I ended the Spring run of shows in a very positive fashion. As long as the folks with the Taubman Museum will have me I will be there every first weekend of June. The weather was extremely kinder and more seasonably than last year's event so more folks were out and about to check out the 51st Sidewalk Art Festival. This was also the fist year that the museum was open for their signature event so needless to say all of the artists were treated very well. And the icing on the cake was getting to hang out all weekend with two incredibly talented artists: photographer Charlie Smith hosted myself and wood-craftsman, Brian Sykes.

Charlie once again graciously allowed me to crash at his place which truly saves a great deal on expenses. It's also a treat to spend time with someone you consider as a mentor. Honestly (and Charlie, I know you will read this but it has to be said) I think of him as the older brother I didn't have. He's definitely taught me more about life as a traveling artist than anyone else. He's also helped me refine my print-making technique. In fact this past weekend Charlie told me about new software and hardware that could very well improve my images. Of course Brian and I would readily admit that force-feeding wine to our host probably lead to my buddy's "openness" about technical information. Seriously, thanks again my dear friend!

And now it is on to summer. Me, Jessie, and Ben will pack up and head to Kiawah Island Wednesday for a little family reunion. Joan's work, as you can guess, will keep her from going but I know our kids are truly excited about seeing their cousins! I know I am. There are three weeks to recuperate and recharge the batteries and I'll finally get to spend some time painting with the salty air feeding my creativity.

Life isn't perfect at the moment but really it never is. It's one day at a time my day at a time. I have a post coming very soon (perhaps tomorrow) about a ministry that sells food at cost to families in need. We just picked up our first box and items look very good. We want to try a few things before trumpeting the organization but our outlook is very hopeful.

We'll be back soon. Love and peace to all our readers.


Gretchen said...

One day at a time is a perfect way to be. Thrilled to hear of another great show!

Look forward to hearing from you shortly. ENJOY your getaway!!

sheepincognito said...

Glad to hear that your show went well - you had me worried there for a while. I love the skyline painting you have there -cool stuff.

Hope your weekend is of the bestest kind - have fun with the kids!

Anonymous said...

You're right. No ones life is perfect. Glad to hear that you had such a great show. Have you ever thought of doing a paintings of other city skylines? Seattle, New York???

Kyla said...

Hope you have a GREAT vacation, Bennie!

we_be_toys said...

Glad to hear the Roanoke show went well! Also glad to hear you've got some vacation time coming - batteries need recharging, mah brother!

Wendy said...

Your stuff looks great -- so vibrant! I like it.

Wendy said...

Your stuff looks great -- so vibrant! I like it.