Monday, June 22, 2009

One Cool Kid!

One of the primary reasons I started this blog was to not only give folks a glimpse into the lives of exceptional families but also to change perceptions and attitudes toward individuals with special needs. While driving home from the beach Friday I heard this wonderful story listening to CNN. I highly encourage all of our readers to watch the story and then visit Jaylen Arnold's website.

Eight-year-old Jaylen is another one of those heroes who doesn't let his condition stop him from doing something positive for not only himself but other exceptional people. Jaylen truly is battling one of the things that frustrates parents of non-typical kids the most. Instead of anger he's using his personal story to educate others and thereby changing the perception some folks might have about Tourette's Syndrome.

So while I continue sifting through photos of our beach vacation head over to Jaylen's Challenge!


Kyla said...

That is awesome!!

Elizabeth said...

Thanks for that link -- there was a great tv movie a while back about a young man (now grown) from the Atlanta area who had Tourette's and became a teacher. He wrote a memoir (his name is Dan Cohen) --

I haven't visited in a while and have missed it! Hope your summer is going well and that Bennie is doing all right.