Thursday, June 18, 2009

Crabs, Thunder, and Ornery Dolphins

Just wanted to pop in and tell everyone we are indeed doing alright. In fact we're doing really well at the moment since we are still at the beach just south of Charleston, South Carolina. Like last year's family vacation our PKS friends from Michigan joined us for a week of fun and sun and just like last year we are having a blast. Unfortunately we wrap things up tomorrow and head back to Greenville where we will show the Peters family the town.

I forgot my connection cable for my camera to link to the laptop so pictures will be forthcoming. Last August when we were last here together I had prepared Jim & Gretchen for the oppressive heat the Carolinas can cook up that time of year. At the time I told them how June is the preferred time of the warm months to visit. Well we had an unusual cooler than normal week 10 months ago. So Mother Nature has seen to it that we paid for that. Temperatures have been in the 90s with high humidity meaning we've had some pretty intense afternoon thunderstorms the past few days. In fact our alarm this morning was a bolt of lightening hitting one of the palmetto trees nearby. For the most part the Peters have tolerated the weather, even sitting on the back porch during the worst of the storms hoping to catch a photo of lightening hitting the ocean.

Two funny things as I sign off for the day. We've had plenty of interaction with dolphins this week including watching them herd a school of fish yesterday afternoon. That was a rare sight since that usually occurs in much deeper waters. Early in the week I attempted to get a closer look at one of them, an obvious young pup. Mom quickly swam over to let me know that was right out. She got within about 6 feet of me, turned tale, and slapped the water with it drenching me in sea water. She actually did this three times. Yes, my friends I can say without a doubt that I've been flipped off by a dolphin.

But of course Gretchen endured the most embarrassing of our dealing with Kiawah Island's wild side. She was lying on her stomach sunning when Jim noticed a fiddler crab walking across a corner of her towel. When he moved toward it to get a better photo opportunity Mr. Crab chose the closest dark hiding place he could get to quickly: between Gert's legs. So our wonderful friend goes home with a fabulous tan and a case of the crabs. Gotta keep a close eye out when slap that tanning lotion on!


Kyla said...

LOL! Poor Gretchen!

Glad you guys are having fun!!

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Fun times!