Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On the Palette

Phthalo Green: Wow! It's been like forever since I've written one of these posts! For those who are relatively new I use "the palette" in front of me at the moment and begin throwing some "colors" on the canvas. After it's all said and done you will have a good idea about what is basically happening at the moment in regards to the portrait of our family.

For the most part things are much better these days. Having several successful shows over the past month certainly has helped. Both Ben and Jessie are growing like weeds so the mood swings from melancholy to excitement based on the moment. Our babies aren't that any longer! They are both growing quickly into bright young people. Neither Joan or I could be prouder for what each of them has accomplished this past school year.

Our scariest thought is now haunting us: we not only have one but two offspring smarter than us.

Medium Magenta: One very cool thing that is taking shape in a way I had hoped. Several of my artist friends are trading information on a weekly basis about upcoming shows. Therefore we are making sure that we 1) apply for shows that at least some of us know have been successful in the past, 2) when we are accepted we can look for lodging situations which we can share, and 3) know we have someone always watching our back.

At the moment at least one or more of my friends will be applying or attending the remainder of the shows I have booked for the year. That's a very cool prospect!

Cerulean Blue: For some reason I'm having no problem coming up with painting ideas this year. Last year at this time I hated picking up a brush between weekends. This year I'm actually painting at the shows (I hear my friend Christy's evil laughter). Things are still rather iffy in regards to the economy but I'm truly having fun with my job again. I cannot pinpoint the reason but I think I find it a tremendous blessing to be able to still do what I'm doing.

I hope everyone is having a delightful week! Come back and visit soon!


Anonymous said...

You better be careful.....you will be painting words and using black before you know it! I am glad you are getting back to being yourself!!! Color is a good thing!

flutter said...

I love this! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Glad things are well for you, Bennie! It was a real treat to meet you on Mother's Day :)
Peace Turtle arrived safely on Monday afternoon, by the way. Thank you!!