Monday, May 18, 2009

More Corny Stuff

I always say I have the most witty, clever, dark-humored bunch of readers in the Blogosphere. You guys not only rock but you really entertained the family over the last few days participating in our "Name That Corn" contest. The really difficult part came last night when we had to try and narrow the choices down to one. We couldn't do it. We barely managed to come up with three choices that we will now ask you wonderful SoulShiners to pick the winner from.

The overall winner gets a personally signed giclee' print of one of Ben & Bennie's paintings. The other two will receive a set of 4 notecards featuring our artwork. I will keep the poll up until a week from today when I will return from my next show in Blue Ridge, Georgia.

For the record, here were the other nominations either received in the comments, via Twitter, e-mail, or Facebook: Jimmy (the one who "cracked corn), General Cornwallis (this one barely missed as a finalist), Pelosi, Demetrius (comes from the Greek Goddess of Corn - someone must play way too much trivia), The Kernal, Sanders, Emperor Cornstantine, Cornucopia, The Cornspiracy, The Toe of Dreams (personal favorite but I just can't imagine building a baseball field in that corn patch), Sean Cornnery, Kojak, Corn Cob Like Old time, Dick Cheney, Be Glad It's Not a Hemorrhoid, and about 3 others that I can't put on a family site.

So without further ado, here are the three finalists:

"Cornelius" nominated by Nurse Boop
"The Great Cornholio" by Jessie in B-town (I am still a big Beavis & Butthead fan)
"Maizie" nominated by Michaela (family favorite because I had a wonderful great aunt by that name)

Vote by using the poll on the left side-bar and good luck to the finalists!


Kyla said...

Drat, I barely missed it. LOL!

I've definitely got to vote for Cornholio. Josh and I first held hands during Beavis and Butthead Do America. Ahhh, young love. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo I made it into the finals!!!

Jessie in B-Town