Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What We've Been Up To...

We apologize for not updating the blog very much recently. I can happily report that for a change it isn't from anyone being sick around here! All of us have finally recovered from The Virus from Hell.

Ben has returned to his typical laughter-filled days, keeping the rest of us entertained with drooly smiles and giggles that make his skin jiggle from his chubby cheeks to his soft little toes! In fact today he had an outstanding visit to his outpatient therapists, the first one he's been able to attend in two weeks. It blows my mind sometimes just how fast he can recover from being as ill as he was just a week ago today.

Over the past few days we've had several noteworthy things occur to tell you about. We adopted a new cat from Ben's occupational therapist who is getting married in the near future. We'll share some pictures of Miss Sophie very soon. Ben and Jessie also have a new fish tank. Once they are established we'll be able to add a few more colorful fish. So far Ben has truly enjoyed having the new friends around.

A wonderful young lady from our area came by this past Saturday. She has a desire to pursue art therapy as a career and chose to study Ben's artistic endeavors for her senior project. You will be hearing more about Morgan soon but I will tell you she is cute as a button which Ben didn't miss out on noticing. Joan & I agreed that we've never heard or seen the young man become so friendly so quickly with someone he just met! Ben is such a flirt!

I will be interviewed later this week for a local radio program that will air this weekend. Monnie Whitson is a friend I've known since her brother and I were in Cub Scouts together. She is also part of a popular morning radio show here in Greenville as well as a weekend program. We'll discuss life with Ben, our art, the blog, and probably a bunch of old memories while we're at it. Hopefully I'll be able to put a recording of it somewhere that you'll be able to hear it.

Now for the creative work that's been going on behind the scenes, I mentioned a few weeks back that my mom and I have been collaborating on some tote bags and recycled clothing. Well we're finally getting some of these completed and I have to say we're quite pleased! We've actually sold a few things that didn't make it to the blog so I thought I'd share some pics of something not 100% finished. Over the next few days look for a few more items here before we start selling them via our store.

This the rear view of a Levi Strauss men's small (ladies medium) denim jacket. It is sport coat length. Click on each picture for a closer look at each one! The top left photo is detail of the painted sun on the middle panel.

This is detail of the 5 palms my mom cut from several tropical themed fabrics. As you can see each palm is machine sewn using a different decorative stitch.

The two palms on the lower left panel are done with acrylic paint including fabric puff paint.

This is a fabric piece my mom hand and machine embroidered to make it "pop."

This is the front view. To complete it I will be adding 3 to 5 tropical fish below the left side pocket. I plan on using a black background to tie in the whimsical sun above.

This tote was the inspiration for the jacket. we think they will make a great pairing!

Here is the detail of one side. My mother Sandy used several decorative stitches to enhance the pattern of the fabric.

And once again, the metallic painted Mr. Sunshine appears on the tote as well! If you are interested in these please e-mail me at benwaddell@bellsouth.net. We are also accepting custom work as well. In fact we have completed one item mailed to us recently and are in the middle of completing another.


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Gretchen said...

Awesome! Love those quilted palm trees. If you haven't started already, I'd make her sunshine look a less "grown-up" :) :)

i can't wait to see it and you haven't told me the cost yet.

Ben and Bennie said...

Gretchen, Nat's will be more whimsical with more color. It was actually much easier to start than this one.

Vodka Mom said...

very, very awesome. And, I am so glad that no one is sick over there!!!

Elizabeth said...

I'm glad that you're back and that everyone is not only well but CREATING! Bravo.

Unknown said...

Glad to hear all is good.

Anonymous said...

I love them! you may want to look at adding some fringe too. Keep it up. It lloks like you are having fun with them....but I still don't see any black...lol

we_be_toys said...

I love the jean jacket and the quilted images alongside of the painted ones! This stuff is going to fly right out of your hands, I feel sure.
Glad to hear everyone is back to their regular programming - it does sound like maybe Ben was flirting with Miss Morgan - now where does he get THAT from?!
(PS- groovy mushroom on the front of that one jacket - dooode!)

Anonymous said...

Good to know that you're back and that everyone is well. I like the front view, and the fact that you're planning to use a black background on tie in the whimsical sun above i think it will turned out beautiful.

Tara Bennett said...

Found you through facebook. such exceptional art!