Wednesday, February 04, 2009


Sorry for not updating in a few days but a cold virus has infested "the hive" this week. I call it that because whenever someone says something here it sounds like a bunch of bees having a derby to see who can reach my ear canal first. And as miserable as we all feel we know there's just a few more days until we're back to normal. while Jessie was the first to get it and has missed all three days of school this week, today the spark that radiates from her precious blue eyes finally returned.

Ben? Well he's just pissed off at the moment. We did have to put him on oxygen early yesterday morning but the not-so-little fighter doesn't quite grasp why he needs his rest and can't play as usual. we definitely think that's a great sign.

As for me (Joan hasn't caught it yet and has been noticeably scarce the past few days) there's not much I can do but grin and bear it. All you moms out there in Bloggy Land have my deepest sympathy because I know full well how we men count on our spouses to baby us through our illnesses. I just can't get away with it this time.

So as we recover from the bees shredding our lungs, throats, and sinuses check out this marvelous video from 1988. Eddie Van Halen jams with Jan Hammer (Miami Vice songwriter), bassist Tony Levin (King Crimson, Peter Gabriel), and Bill Bruford (King Crimson, Yes). Let's just say Eddie shreds the frets better than the bees shred my ears.


Christina said...

NOBODY can play like Eddie! I've seen him live twice now and always end up at some point with chills up my spine and my jaw just hanging open in that "WTF?" look you get when you hear or see something that just does not logically compute. Flipping genius.

flutter said...

I love Van Halen always have

Maggie, Dammit said...

Feel better soon. :(

moplans said...

I hope you are feeling better soon.
That description of the bees is so apt.

Kyla said...

Feel better!