Thursday, November 06, 2008

The Path I Choose

The Walk of Life has been difficult lately. While I've been able to be at home with the family these past two weekends, which is always the best healing elixir, we are feeling the financial pain of having missed two straight shows. And I'm very apprehensive about traveling to Tybee Island this afternoon for their Art in the Park.

The trauma of the Holden Beach incident still remains. It seems to haunt me ever so often, beating down my confidence, my dream of continuing my career as an artist. Have I chosen wisely? The next few days could provide a verdict that I'm wanting to face.

More than likely this will be my final show of the year. We (I) need to provide enough income to get us through the next four months. The anticipation was three but because of the lost income of the two shows we now must include November.

I do have some ideas that I will be more prepared to share with you next week when I return. One of them is painting ladies handbags, purses, and clothing. Hopefully I'll have some examples by this time next week. So far I have to say we are pretty darn impressed with how they're turning out. Keep that in mind as you are shopping for Christmas gifts. I'll also have the Christmas cards ready for sale next week and via Cafe Press, I should have some of my most popular humor images available on t-shirts and sweatshirts.

Most of all, keep us in your thoughts and prayers. I know everyone seems to be struggling these days and so I implore you to ask us when you need help. That is what makes the path we each follow just a bit easier, knowing we are not walking alone.


we_be_toys said...

Man I hate what happened to you at Holden Beach - I so wanted to be there, or to be there for one of the other shows that you're having to miss. It's easy to let this kind of crap dissuade you - it would be doing a number on me too - but I beleive in you, and in the good work you are doing. Things have to take a turn upward, and you are already thinking positively, coming up with solutions!
Can't wait to see the new line of purses and clothing!

Vodka Mom said...

I hope that you have a wonderful show, with absolutely NO bad luck. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other... crossing my fingers for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry for your recent run of bad luck and hope that the future brings better!

Here in the Pacific Northwest, reusable shopping bags are all the rage. Have you considered painting on canvas totes? They could be marketed as an eco-friendly way to haul groceries, holiday purchases, or even art/craft supplies.

Also, have you considered painting wrapping paper (perhaps this could be done as a "print" or Ben could make his own on large sheets of paper) or gift bags/tags?

Best wishes!

flutter said...

You have chosen well, I promise.

Anonymous said...

I am going to have to go back through your archives to see what happened to you a Holden Beach, but if it made you doubt yourself, that it is bad. Don't give it another thought. Consider it a setback, and press on.

It is a tough time to be struggling. My thoughts are with you, and I hope that this next show is a much better experience.

Unknown said...

Will do, friend.

Good luck for your final show.

Cynthia Bostwick said...

You have chosen the right path--and an email I got today will prove it--I want to send it to you, a remarkable story about someone who read my blog about you two years ago, then bought a paitning of yours, how that painting healed her friend--what's your dang email address again? I want to send you the whole story--
love to you and your exceptional family--

Kyla said...

Good luck, Bennie. You guys are in our prayers.

kimmyk said...

i hope this weekend at tybee proved to be a financial windfall! i've been thinking about you...keep your chin up!

carmilevy said...

I've been praying that you have a successful weekend, for you deserve nothing but success in your chosen path.

As someone who's been struggling with the chosen career path for a while now, I empathize with you in more ways than may be apparent. I often doubt my choice, wondering if I shouldn't have simply stuck with the same, predictable cubicle-based job and kept everything else to myself.

But that wouldn't have been much of a life. In the end, we have to be true to who we are. You've done just that. And I know that despite waverings and setbacks, good things will come. Watch...

Chanda (aka Bea) said...

Holy Crap! You have had one hell of a couple of weeks my friend! I'm sorry I've not been around to add my paltry bit of support. I do hope this weekend's show is much much better. No- I know this weekend's show will be better.

Hang in there, you ARE doing what you were meant to do.