Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coming Soon: Hand-Painted Tote Bags!
I'm already fielding a lot of questions in regards to the tote bags and purse so let me talk just a little bit about them. I've gotten started on only two so far due to the recent illness making things miserable around here but my plan is to furiously paint all this weekend so that some might be available Saturday. Joan thought I should let you see the blank product and offer the opportunity to request your own theme or character.

The smaller totes are about 12 to 14 inches in width while the large ones are 20 inches wide. Most of the large & medium sized ones have pockets on the outside and are zippered across the top. I also have two denim purses (not pictured) and two canvas handbags with long rope handles (also not pictured) that could hold a set of keys, a wallet, and a few more smaller items.

Although I won't have a specific price on them yet they will probably range from around $15 up to around $49 for the largest. It will depend on how much painting is involved. Keep in mind that each one will be one of a kind! All the artwork will be original and not a print.

If you are interested in requesting a specific size, color, and theme then get in touch with me right away at For some ideas check out the angel and snowman Christmas cards from earlier this week (scroll down a few pages). You can also go here to check out my paintings. I will only start on a "commission" piece once I have received at least partial payment.

Update: Oh my! I never thought they would turn out this good! Joan and Jessie hardly ever clamor over my work. Sorry girls but these are for sale! Honestly I am having fun painting these! Come back soon to check out the snowmen!


flutter said...

Oh how fabulous!!

Gretchen said...

Do the large ones come only in the canvas color?

Anonymous said...

these are BEAUTIFUL...
i may have to commission one with a "snowflake" on it... those are nice and wintery without the constraints of the holiday, eh?