Friday, October 10, 2008

Greatest Country Song of All Time.

This song was recently named best Americana Song of the Year. I've been listening to it since Hayes Carll released it back in the spring and it still cracks me up. Be sure to listen to the lyrics but the new video adds even more comedy (check out the Shroud of Turin bit near the end).

Disclaimer: this is satire folks. It's a parody of some hick goofball (to borrow a phrase from the song) who "don't have a clue." So if you get all bent out of shape and start preachin' expect the comment to get deleted. Or better yet, expect the regular readers here to jack you up.


flutter said...

BRING IT PEOPLE, I am in the mood to jack.

kimmyk said...

You can't really compete with Jesus.

ildarius said...

I reallyed liked your post.