Friday, October 17, 2008

Banner Elk Bound

For the second year in a row the whole family is headed a couple of hours north to race woolly worms and sell artwork, hopefully more of the latter. Two full days of zaniness in Banner Elk, North Carolina for the 2008 Woolly Worm Festival. 25,000 people come to hang out in a small western North Carolina town hoping to be the one annually crowned Woolly Worm Champion of the World...or something like that.

As he's gently placing the Woolly Tiara on her head, I've already got Jessie ready to answer Mr. Woolly Worm's question of what will you do now that you're Queen of All Things Fluffy & Cute. "I'm going to Disney World!" We'll then be flown down to Orlando in Walt's private jet so that Jessie can rub elbows with life-sized cartoon characters...which is sort of like visiting our nation's capitol.

Anyway, we'll be back on Monday with a full report. In the mean time check out Ben's new "software"...

How about a custom-fitted seat? Comfortably molded in the shape of his wind-swept hips.

Note the head rest. Ben has always postured letting his head drop to his right side. Now he has support to keep him from that uncomfortable position.

A brand new car seat, all cushy and custom molded as well!

Even having the new seat less than a week we've noticed Ben interacting with his toys better than ever. Once he grabbed that wooden red ball he had no interest in sharing with me.


Kyla said...


Have fun, you guys!

Anonymous said...

Naaaice Ride, Ben! Looks like his new chair is comfy - especially the headrest.

Good Luck, Jessie - may the best fluffy worm win (which of course HAS to be yours! Show pics of your coronation next week - can't wait to see it happen for you!)

Bennie, good luck - hopefully you'll be sold out by the evening and will have made many new connections to tell us about. Can't wait to read who you met up there - always great to read of interesting people.

Travel safe!

freebird said...

Hope the show went well. Just a marketing suggestion.....paint some TESLA! TESLA will sell! TESLA!!!!!

kimmyk said...

nice new wheels ya got there ben!

i hope you did well at your show this weekend!

we_be_toys said...

Nice new ride Ben!
It's so cool that technology can not only make him more comfortable but to actually improve his ability to interact.