Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Another Famous Blogger

Unfortunately it is not a triumphant tale to tell. My lovely friend Kyla and her beautiful Kaytar are featured in this month's Self Magazine health article. Their story, along with three others, is quite chilling to say the least.

I have been following the "Tar" family's situation rather closely so I knew many of the details in regard to their search for health insurance. But I was absolutely shocked at the other three families' stories. We're talking bona fide jaw-dropping information that should make your goofy eye twitch. For what insurance companies use to deny claims these days is absolutely criminal.

And you may think you are immune to this crisis...just like Joan and I thought nine years ago. You are not. We once considered ourselves middle class tax-paying citizens (with money in the bank) of the greatest country in the world. There's no way we'd ever not afford health insurance for us, let alone our kids. I tell you this: had Joan not received the wonderful job offer 4 years ago from her former employer we'd be in the same situation as Kyla and Josh.

I used the word "crisis." Our whole economy is in crisis at this moment. The health insurance situation is getting worse by the day because we now have folks choosing to purchase gas so they can get to work rather than pay a bloated health insurance premium. I don't know about you but I'm pissed! Things need to change - and fast.

And I'll be honest to tell you I don't have a great solution. But isn't that what we elect our peers to do? Isn't that why we send "leaders" to our state capitols and Washington, for Christ's sake?

Just like me, Kyla found the power of blogging. I'll admit it: I like drama, I have a big mouth, I'm opinionated, I know exactly how nasty my toes taste. Young more-wiser-than-her-age Kyla is so much more like my wife. She'd rather not have drama or confrontation I'm not afraid of. But just like Joan she was hit by lightening. If there is one thing I have learned in this life it's that you don't mess with a caring mama and her beloved child.

Kyla, you rock! I'm just so proud to know you, know about you, and know how courageous you are. The rest of you jump on the bandwagon. I'm not endorsing any candidate or party. It's just time that we let our politicians know THEY WORK FOR US. PERIOD. And I think you'd be surprised at who reads your blog.


Gretchen said...

Hear hear! I hope and pray someone listens and reacts appropriately. I read one comment on the Self Magazine hot topic board that said something about this problem including OUTRAGEOUS costs of prescriptions, medical procedures and of course class-action suits. Those also need to be addressed AND fixed.

Kyla--I'm very proud of you also. And I admire you...15 years older than you and far less wise and articulate. Thanks for going to bat for KayTar and the rest of us!


we_be_toys said...

It IS chilling, the number of decent, hard working, tax-paying folks who get bumped from their insurance for those "pre-existing conditions". Like that doesn't affect the cost of healthcare as well - denying folks the care they need. "They" say that socialized medicine will lower the quality of care we receive in this country, but honestly? I think the limbo bar of quality is so low now, very few can fit under it.

So who do you THINK is reading your blog, B? I can vouch for one radical troublemaker from up yonder (North Cackalacky ways)!

carmilevy said...

Amen. It sickens me to think that people in the most advanced country on the face of the planet often have to live with life-threatening illnesses because they can't afford treatment.

Years ago, my wife and I stayed at a motel that was owned by a kind and gentle couple in their late 50s/early 60s. The husband needed kidney surgery, but was waiting until he could afford it. Meanwhile, his wife ran the place almost single-handedly.

I never found out what happened to them. I pray he got the care he needed, and worry that he didn't.

When I worked in Big Insurance years ago, it sickened me to watch the claims process from the other side. Bean counters in beige-brown cubicles would use every trick in the book to screw customers out of legitimate claims. It made me so sick that eventually I had to leave the industry entirely. What a crock. I hope there's justice for those who would be so callous.

Kyla said...

Thanks Bennie! I'm still proud of you for buying a chick magazine. LOL.

It is all so crazy, sometimes I still think, "Did this really happen?" As a nation, the most powerful nation in the world, we should be able to do better than this.

moplans said...

like Kyla even though I know it is true it holds this 'cannot be true' essence. it is a deep shame.