Saturday, June 28, 2008

Summer Breeze

I have a ton of stuff still to accomplish before I leave Monday yet here I am blogging. It is nice to catch up on things happening in your lives. In fact blogging has been one of the most therapeutic activities that I've done since becoming a parent of an exceptional child. And it's not just the special needs blogs that have helped put things in perspective.

From every blog that I've ever read there is something that I've taken from it that reminds me that we're all human. There are victories, failures, sorrows, tears, laughter, joy, grief, and lifetimes of memories that remind me that we're all in this together. So the Blogosphere is a good place for the most part. The majority of us won't or even can't in some cases make a quick judgment about each other based on race, gender, wealth, special needs, or sexual preference. When we are reading a blog we are actually looking into someone else's soul - the essence of who they are. That is an extremely unusual thing in this day and age unless you are a celebrity and have actually written a truthful memoir. Ironically this occurs via devices (computer & internet) that many believe have further alienated humans.

As I was thinking about this a little earlier, one of those afternoon thundershowers passed by. For the most part the day has been absolutely beautiful. Hot but easy on the eyes. The skies became gray for about ten minutes while we enjoyed a brief downpour. Typically the air temperature dropped dramatically and the breeze through my open office window was incredibly refreshing. And here I am just a few moments removed from the storm thinking how inviting our pool is now that the thermometer once again reads 90 degrees.

Such is that essence of life. We encountered the beginning of what will most certainly be a severe thunderstorm for a community east of here. Although I enjoyed my respite from the heat I realize that there are folks elsewhere who might not find the eventual wind, thunder, and lightening so pleasant. And I truly sympathize with them and hope they remain safe. for every peaceful situation there is an equally turbulent one.

Just like that cool breeze I want to be a peace-giver for those needing a break from the turmoil. That is my gift as an artist. That is my calling in life.


Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

It sure was a beautiful weekend! Hope you "boys" had a great time, and that the "girls" had a winning one!

BTW-I put up some of my trip.

Kyla said...

I think blogging is unique in how deeply personal it can be, but at the same time, we don't know each other on the superficial levels much at all. Reverse of real life, but I think that is what makes it great.