Friday, April 18, 2008

The Short Report

I apologize for neglecting the blog this week. Besides preparing for my show in Atlanta this weekend, both Ben and Jessie have had allergy related illnesses the past few days. Busy, busy, busy. And snotty.

Early next week I promise to not only catch up on my reading but to share some pictures of the reception at my mom's. Hopefully I'll also have some good news from this weekend. This trip should be interesting since Blaze the Brave, our chihuahua, will accompany me.

For those in the Atlanta area, come out and see me! I will be at Barefoot in the Park in downtown Duluth on Saturday and Sunday. Everyone have a fun and safe weekend!


Kyla said...

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

hey - we'll be right next door in Alpharetta...maybe I can sneak away with H. & A. to come see you and the hound.
Sorry to hear about the sniffles there - it's pretty atrocious with all that right now, even for a lot of grownups in the area. Small kid noses clog up a bit worse though, ick. Hope everyone feels better soon! Good Luck over there - if I see a big spender come by my booth, I'll send him over there ;)

kimmyk said...

good luck this weekend!