Friday, February 22, 2008

Mosaic Critique: Round Two

As expected I received some great advice and ideas from you gals and guys after asking for your opinions about my new indoor/outdoor art project. You all are awesome in your honesty - I think. You might actually think this sucks and you're too nice to tell me. I don't mind because this has been much fun. Frustrating but fun.

Here is where we are now. I "outlined" the original layout and then took to the brush, much heavier than I planned on. That is something I've got to work on with future pieces. In fact I was about to toss the thing about this time last night.

The future looked brighter this morning just like Joan predicted so I went to work gluing tiles earlier this evening. Now I'm stuck once again. Joan thinks I'm pretty much done but my instinct tells me I'm missing something here (besides the sealing process). If you'll notice in the following pictures I've added some of my "squiggles" to the sides. The bright colors look really cool on the flat black (okay Christy and Conni, I will start using some black in my paintings - good advice no longer ignored). Joan thinks I should add some metallic gold along with it and I agree.

Now the biggy: do I add anything else to the surface? I don't know what to do from here other than an occasional colorful brush stroke here and there. Again your thoughts are appreciated.

Side view with the Squiggles.

Top view which sucks indoors with fluorescent lighting.

Front view.

Lizard's butt.


Gretchen said...

I agree--I really like the color on the black on the side.

I also think that the top needs something. More color (although I see some iridescence there)---maybe some squiggles and slashes?

I'm no artist, so I may be way off.

I still ove your palm trees--I took a picture of them with my cell phone so I could set it as my screensaver :)

Gretchen said...

Jim just said he's not sure that it needs anything more. We'll see what the real artists think!

Ben and Bennie said...

Another good critique, Gert! I think the corners need something too. Let us hear from my art buddies. I'll bet they agree.

It really looks good. So does the next piece which is the turtle them. I'm about done with that one.

Anonymous said...

I like it but it does need something. Go get some of that flat metal that they have at Michaels and cut out a long skinny tongue. Make it a little wavy and glue it for the tongue.

I do like the sides but the top need some more (and a tongue!) since it is wood what if you put some indentations in it (screwdrived and hammer and pick) using black rub it inthe holes and then off and you will see some more wear on the wood. Do it like worm holes, etc. just don't leave it on the flat part.

You could also use a woddburning kit and do something but that may make it way to fussy. A border with beach words all the way around it (you know me and those words) that may be for the next one-LOL

The critter needs a tongue! While your are cutting play with doing the same thing on the toes.

You asked!!! Christy

Anonymous said...

you're definitely moved in the right direction - the corners would look cool with someting though.
I would shy away from doing a frame thing around it, mainly because you're already very close to the edge with the feet - it would look squished it if you added much to it like that.
for the corners: you could check at hobbylobby or home depot - they have these carved corner deco thingies made out of wood (i guess for clocks and mantles, etc.) - if you took some of those, hot glue them on, add some color/gold/patina/ whatever to them, it would frame it without overpowering it, if they are the right size (which would need to be quite smallish, rather than biggish).
Or, try using the tongue idea (copper would look really cool with the blue tones you have there), and add some copper wire bent into squiggles in the corners or around the edges (use small u-shaped nails or something along those lines). tiny copper tubing they use for models would work too.
I like it!

Of course, ignore all that if you want - just one weird artist brain throwing junk out there...
actually: do what YOU think will fit with it - don't want it losing your touch, since it's soo cool already.