Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Ben Video!

Ben has now confiscated Jessie's personal DVD player. We bought it for the kids to watch movies in the van on those rare occasions that Joan and the kids join me on the road. It turns out the the device fits perfectly on the tray attached to his wheelchair!

Ben also knows Dad will be leaving soon for Greensboro so I've made sure Ben will make his displeasure known to Mom about missing Thanksgiving with Dad. That and missing out on meeting another little boy with PKS! You read that right. Sometime Friday I will be meeting another family whose son has Pallister Killian Syndrome! I cannot wait to snuggle and love on Aiden. You can be sure there will be photos and video of the blessed event early next week.

In the meantime let Ben make you smile.


Anonymous said...

I just love that little boy!!!! I miss you Ben! Haylee says hi!
Ms. Vickie

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Maybe that's what he was yelling at me about today...I didn't set him up in his chair to watch movies *duh!*

The next video featuring Barnyard should be the very end where they name the calf, "Ben". He gets the biggest smile :)

Gretchen said...

Ohhh, when his face lights up in a smile he looks so much like Simon. Thanks for sharing.

A side note, has a therapist ever said anything about using braces to keep his hands/wrist straight? Simon does that sometimes too--turns his hands in.