Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Laundry Purgatory & Paintings That Won't Get Finished

That is my cursed place on Earth at this moment. I am damned. I'm truly convinced of this now. There's a evil chihuahua running around with my once clean underwear and seven wait...eight paintings needing to be finished by tomorrow morning. Ask me why I'm blogging. Go ahead. I have plenty of time.

I leave for the portal to hell called Columbia, South Carolina tomorrow and I'm typing away. Let's call it a break. This afternoon has been spent (in vain) printing note cards in my office and then running back to the studio to work on my canvases. Amongst this chaos were checks on Ben and making sure Jessie did her homework. To say the least I'm exhausted yet there are more tasks to be completed.

My friends this is the life of a modern day artist. I really want to go to bed for about three days and say to hell to the Gilmore Show that will require ungodly hours this weekend. But the family budget requires my presence at the South Carolina Fair Grounds this weekend so there I will be.

Joan and I had lunch today lamenting my first Thanksgiving away from the family. We're both hoping some strange restaurant will be open so I can have my turkey dinner next Thursday after the set-up for the next show. I love this work but there are sacrifices that I'm not really used to. Wanna hear me gripe some more? I didn't think so.

Let me just say that if you are in the vicinity of Columbia this weekend or Greensboro, NC next weekend then come see me! It'll make my effort worthwhile. Now it is time to go back into the studio....


Gretchen said...

I'm jealous of Dawn--and she better bring you a turkey sandwich!

Anonymous said...

Hey there always is Hooters after 8pm on Thanksgiving day........what more could you ask for!

Anonymous said...

My two big-boobed artist buddies won't be there this year so what's the point in going there now? I'll find a Chippendales show and call you and Courtney this year.

Kyla said...

Oh no! You have to miss Thanksgiving. Poor Bennie.

Luby's is open on Thanksgiving. My dad was gone a lot as a kid and we went there a couple times because my mom didn't want to cook a big meal.

Creative-Type Dad said...

Why are you blogging when you have paintings to do?

Because we "artists" like to procrastinate