Thursday, November 22, 2007

Forever Thankful

I’m hoping to have time to blog this Thanksgiving Day. At the very least I’ll copy and paste as quickly as possible. It’s the Eve of the most American holiday in my opinion. As a Christian (regardless of my current bitterness) I hold Easter as The Big One. Christmas falls into a category as a time to enjoy my children rather than the birth of Jesus. Although it’s a great holiday it honestly takes place at a time that Jesus was not actually born. If you’ve studied Biblical history then Easter once again becomes number one in the hierarchy of Christian holidays.

My father was the first to alert me to the special occasion. He once told me that as grew older Thanksgiving Day would become more important for a variety of reasons. High on the list of reasons was the cooking of my grandmother and aunts. In reality was the appreciation of having our most loved ones all around.

As you read this I am somewhere between traveling and setting up my booth for the arts & crafts show this weekend. Despite choosing to do this as a career I am well aware of the distance between me and the rest of my family. My youngest brother and his family are in Greenville today. I miss them dearly as I do the other members of my immediate family who are celebrating in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

From my heart to yours, my brothers, I send the best and most thoughtful blessings upon you. I hope your stomachs are filled so much that you have to take a nap. Don’t worry about me because I am doing what I’ve always dreamed of (grumpily as it is). I still recall our days of youth and the football game that always took place in the backyard after eating our fill of turkey. I also remember putting up our Christmas Tree early in the evening, while Dad tried to tell us which limbs were missing lights.

Jessie and Ben, I hope this is the only Thanksgiving I miss in your lives. I miss both of you so much it hurts in the deepest places of my heart. The two of you have kept me moving and motivated to make my dreams come true because I want the two of you to experience the same.

And finally, Joan, I‘m positive I miss you the most today. There are no words to describe your beauty and the meaning you bring to my existence. You are my anchor – my rock – my foundation. You are the woman I have always wanted, will want, and hope to live with eternally. There is nothing I can say that will make you understand my deep and incredible love for you. Ben is my hero. You made him that and more - more than any of us could ever dream.

On this Thanksgiving Day I tell you that I am most thankful that my wife has stuck with me during so many difficult times and remains by best friend to this day. I love you, darling. I miss you and can’t wait to hold you in my arms once again. You are my soul mate and true love...always.


Kyla said...

KayTar was in my lap while I read this, this was our conversation:

KayTar: Ooooh, heart. Paint a heart.

Me: Do you like it, yes or no?

KayTar: Yes.

Me: Is it beautiful, yes or no?

KayTar: Yes. Favorite heart. Go paint a heart.

So I guess we're off to go paint a heart now. LOL. Happy Thanksgiving Bennie and family. I know they'll be thinking of you at dinner today.

Gretchen said...

Darn it, you made me cry. You have a gift for words as well as art. God bless you and your family today and always.

kimmyk said...

happy thanksgiving ben! i hope that you guys had a great day. good luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

And from all the way in Trinidad, Happy Thanksgiving, to a special family. I enjoying reading your posts.

moplans said...

Bennie this is lovely.
Following your dream is, to me, the entire purpose of life. It is hard to remember that when the process gets difficult.
I hope this is the only thanksgiving you have to spend away from your kids.

Anonymous said...

You're a helluva guy Bennie (I say this in the most non gay way I possibly can)

Hope you had a good one bud!