Thursday, October 18, 2007

Feeling Woolly

We're off to the the cooler temperatures of Western North Carolina once again to attend the 2007 Woolly Worm Festival.
Jessie and Ben plan on racing for the grand prize each day. If the stars and planets align or better yet, I get in touch with Barry Bonds to locate some WGH (worm growth hormones) we could return home an extra $1500 over what I sell this weekend!

Now the key in putting a woolly worm into racing form is to come up with an excellent race name. The kids are already working on theirs. There's a good chance we'll get to check in here via one of my artist friend's laptop so here's your assignment while we're away...

What would you name your woolly worm?

Be as clever as you can. In fact I'll mail the winner an 8" x 10" giclee' print of a Ben & Bennie painting! So spread the word. The victor doesn't have to be a regular reader here but knowing most of you are I'd put good odds on the folks on my blogroll.

An example (from last year's races): Dale Wormhardt.

By the way the winner will be determined by family votes. Good luck!


Kyla said...

The Mammoth. You know, as in Woolly Mammoth?

Gretchen said...

Ha Ha (evil laugh), I'm going to win!......The Worm-inator.

edgyartist said...

Hairy Sally
(actually, now that i see that written down, it somehow doesn't look as good as it sounded in my head :)
Norm the Worm

Gretchen said...

my 2nd entry: Wooly Bully
my 3rd entry: Wee Wooly Winkie
my 4th entry: Chewbacca the Wooly
#5: Will he or Wooly?

(I still think the Worm-inator is the best)

Entry from Maddy: Wooly-wart

Entry from Em: Boxcar Wooly
Wee Wooly Wormie
Rip Van Wormer


Umm, help, Em won't let me off the site until she thinks of something amazing.



Gretchen said...

She's back....

Emily: Wollysaw Cocktail
Wooly Bros
The Worm ees (like The BEE GEES)

Gretchen said...

Gretchen: instead of Will he or Wooly I want

Wooly or Won't He

Emily(again): Wentworth the Worm

Hahaha you probaly think we are crazy!

Gretchen said...

Emily: Woolworth the Worm

AHH...she can't take it she wants to know when you are voting!! Hahaha

Daisy Mann said...

Worm-oter 500

Lissa Lane said...

Hmmm I think Loki is a good name for a Wooly Worm. Loki is the Norse God of Mischeif and Chaos ^_^

Mete said...

Stormin' Worman Schwarzkopf

Worman Rockwell

Worm Trooper

A Perfect Worm

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

I submitted the challenge to my great friends over at

Here are some of the suggestions:

Chasity: Wiggins

Mel: Oscar

I'm sure there will be more coming soon!!!

Nurse Lisa

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Chasity again: Worman Munster


Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Chasity: Jeepers Creepers
Fast Willy
Wooly Bully
Speedy Gonzales
Lightning McWorm

Jessica: Woolldrow Wilson

Nurse Betty L. Boop said...

Daphene: Mr. Mcwormity Worm

kimmyk said...

i'm thinkin'. i'll be back.

edgyartist said...

from Holly:
earwax bob

from Annie:
apple & grapes (because you gave Holly an apple and a grape painting - go figure :o) )

Slick said...

Stand back everyone.....KimmyK is thinking. :p

Geeez Bennie, we barely know each other and you're wanting me to name your worm??

Can't you at least wait and ask me this in private??


Let's see about....uh...

It's 4 in the morning, I just got off work, and everyone has already taken all my names.

I'll be back too.