Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On the Palette

Bright Aqua Green: I'm back in the paint groove. The last week or so I've been taking some old paintings I could not show the public and live with, and reworking some things that are now satisfactory. The creative juices have started to flow now. I've finally finished a few things that have been cluttering the studio so I'm back painting with a little more determination. With the big Aiken, South Carolina show just a couple of weeks away I'd say this is a good thing.

Cadmium Red Dark: I frigging hate fire ants! Unbeknownst to Joan she parked near a mound at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center during our load out. It took us a few days to get rid of the evil invaders out from her van. You Northerners have not had the "privilege" to meet these mean little critters unless you've visited us here in the Deep South. With apologies to farmers I'd rather have locusts as a curse from God. I accidentally stepped on a mound earlier this evening and totally regret walking outside.

If you don't know, this is how they work. They crawl upon the unsuspecting victim. After accumulating enough troops one of them sends some sort of signal to bite all at the same time. My left foot now looks like a nub. You Yankees need to pray that they never adapt to cold weather.

Brilliant Blue: Ben is thriving! I honestly don't want to report that since I might jinx our situation. The Little Man is full of life and demanding all of our attention! He's gaining strength each day and is a joy to hang around with. Yes, I know that I haven't posted any videos or pictures lately (sans yesterday). They will be forthcoming.

I know I'm biased but the guy is a chick magnet. He's still my hero and even more of a best friend than ever. Honestly I wish everyone of you reading this could experience Ben snuggling in your arms for some love. The same goes for Jessie. Wars would end and peace would be lasting.


Gretchen said...

Love this picture! That's 3 I want and I'm out of wall space.

moosh in indy. said...

I hope I get to love on Ben someday. But NO FIRE ANTS. Fire ants=dealbreaker.

Kyla said...

Fire ants. Ugh. Hate!

I'll tell you what my pediatrician tells me when I give her good news (that we'd prefer wasn't jinxed). "In regards to the OTHER THING you mentioned, I think it is GREAT...but I'll say no more." :)

creative-type dad said...

Ben sounds a lot like "The Fonze" :)

As for the Fire Ants - I thought they were fabrications, just like the Easter Bunny or Kevin Costner getting an Oscar.

bennie said...

WHAT??? The Easter bunny isn't real???? NOOOO WAAAAYYY! AHHHHH! Next thing you'll tell me is that the tooth fairy is Mr. Goodwrench.

kimmyk said...

I don't know how many times my feet got tore up living down in Georgia from fire ants. I hate them. Almost as much as I hated those damn roaches. Gah.

It's good to hear both you and Ben are thriving. Snuggling with your children-there is no better feeling. Enjoy it!