Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Meet Another Ben!

Or maybe more specifically, meet Mark, the other Ben's dad. In meandering through this blog universe I've met some really great folks. In fact everyone I've encountered (other than the spammers) have really terrific stories to tell and have a wonderful talent in their ability to write about them.

As a parent of an exceptional child I have to admit that I'm especially drawn to blogs written by other parents sharing a similar journey. I guess it lets me know that our family isn't walking our path in the lonely manner we often feel. This post from Mark is particularly interesting to me because he is so honest in describing the accomplishments Benjamin is achieving. They may seem small but they are actually mighty steps that little guy is taking. I also admire Mark's honesty and his family's ability to find a great deal of humor in difficult circumstances life has presented them.

I hope you visit Mark's blog often or even add him to your blogroll. And while you're at it check out those other sites under The Curators and Other Featured Artists sections. I promise you won't be disappointed!


kimmyk said...

Cool and what a cutie patootie he is!
I'll be checking him out right quick like....

Mark said...

Wow, no one has ever said so many nice things about me, ever! I should mention Jackyl more often! Thanks for a record breaking hit count today.

To maintain a clear conscience (and a healthy marital relationship) I must point out that my wife Karen talks about Ben a lot more on her blog:


Karen said...

Great post, Bennie, although I admit I am biased.