Tuesday, August 21, 2007

It's a Southern Thang!

1. One of the best things about driving in the mountains of North Carolina this time of year are all of the roadside stands selling fresh produce, boiled or fried peanuts, canned preserves, and other goodies. I gotta say though that besides the peanuts I go for the pickled stuff. Since I've still got some canned chow-chow still left in the cupboard I bought some other favorites this past weekend. A jar each of pickled okra, spicy pickled asparagus, and dilled garlic. My mom has already put in an order of dilly beans and pickled eggs for this weekend's trip.

2. Do y'all realize that I pass right through the home of The Perfect Christmas Tree which is near the Fraser Fir Capitol of the World almost every time I travel into the western North Carolina mountains? Too bad one of the crazy locals tried to burn it down recently.

3. Those that frequent here know I love my Sirius Satellite radio. I very rarely listen to anything other than The Outlaw Channel (Sirius 63). Americana music is the primary genre played with the occasional song by The Clash, Elvis Costello, the Stones, Deep Purple, and The Ramones sprinkled in. One of my favorite artists these days is a gal by the name of Amy Rigby. You ladies will particularly like her work (read over some of her reviews, etc.) since she's known as the Mod Housewife. My favorite song is 20 Questions. Enjoy a good laugh (hope the link works).

4. Thirty years later The King is still dead even though Elvis is everywhere!

5. Just in case you don't understand a word I say I found y'all a dictionary.

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creative-type dad said...

Outlaw Channel?

Who comes up with these names??