Monday, July 16, 2007

Why I Love My Job.

I know what you're thinking and you would be wrong. No, I did not step one foot onto a beach even though I camped about 100 yards from the ocean and my art canopy was located even closer to the surf & sand. No, I didn't drop a hook into the the Atlantic surf from the wonderful fishing pier at Myrtle Beach State Park. This time of year very edible sized sea trout are hitting shrimp almost as fast as they hit the water. And no, I did not dine at one of the fabulous restaurants featuring fresh seafood along the world-renowned Murrel's Inlet.

Instead of those typical beach experiences I incurred upon arrival yet another flat tire on the camper less than a mile from where I was camping. Shortly thereafter I discovered I had the wrong type of rim wearing my new spare tire. The heat and humidity nearly got to me while I was setting up my booth Friday. It was only the third time in three years of doing this that I felt symptoms of heat stroke. Saturday (the first day of the show) was virtually wiped out by unexpected rain which was predicted for most of yesterday. So I woke up Sunday morning all prepared to tear down my booth in the pouring rain and sulk the rest of the day about my first art weekend entirely lost to the elements.

I'm certain I can still hear God snickering at what actually happened yesterday. I got a huge reminder that predictions are just that and everyday is a chance for new blessings and more joy. July 15, 2007 will always be remembered by me as one of the best days I lived on this Earth. Instead of rain there were blue skies and cooling ocean breezes. Rather than trying to meet expenses I earned a fairly nice profit (a first in over a month). And the expectation of hanging around alone in a damp camper all day was quickly replaced by a busy and rewarding day doing what I love most: meeting wonderful folks and discussing my love for painting.

In particular I want to thank Larry G.'s family and his brother David's family visiting from San Francisco for the long visit at my booth yesterday afternoon. I'll admit that they purchased some nice pieces but more than that, they reminded me that I am an artist. Had they not spent a dime I still would've enjoyed hanging out with them. Even their children were no doubt educated in art. They wanted to know all about my style and the process behind it.

I also want to send out a little some creative kudos to a new artist friend I met this weekend. Ironically she lives just a few miles away from us and we've actually been in at least one other show together. It was indeed a pleasure to meet Janina Tukarski Ellis and her mom over the weekend. I hope you'll visit her website and consider her work as an inclusion to your art collection.

I haven't forgotten to wrap up some things from last week but I hope you'll excuse me until tomorrow. I hear a little boy calling me who needs some "daddy reunion" time. You know he's quite demanding!

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Gretchen said...

SO glad to hear about your wonderful day. Isn't it great when something like that happens??