Thursday, July 12, 2007


At least that is what I hope the rest of the family gets to do by the pool this weekend. Yours truly leaves in less than an hour for Myrtle Beach Art in the Park. It's hot with long hours and typically there are afternoon showers to dodge but I love it!

Chapin Park is three blocks from the ocean. I'm camping at the lovely Myrtle Beach State Park. Many of the artists are great friends and are camping nearby. "War stories" will be told. Gobs of fresh seafood will be inhaled and, oh yeah, just in case of rain I have two new Play Station games. I do love my job.

So my fellow blogging friends I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Be safe. Wear your sunscreen. Visit an art festival. Eat well and return here Monday. I still have Part 3 of the Picasso/Ben relationship to finish and I'm sure to have some great images of the coast to share.


Kyla said...

BubTar and Josh are camping this weekend, too. You have fun!!

Reserved Stipulation said...

He looks like a badass in that picture. :)

bennie said...

He is. ;)

bennie said...

Oh, Double Comment (like old time). We make sure he wears those to school so the bullies leave him alone.