Monday, July 02, 2007

In Front of the Lens...Again
Today has been interesting to say the least. Jane Robelot of WYFF, our local NBC affiliate, came by to interview us. And by us, I mean the whole family. Other than Ben sleeping through the whole affair things couldn't have gone any better.

Some of you may remember Jane as the CBS Morning News anchor from a few years back. Her story is a literal fairy tale of the local girl making it to the Big Time. She rubbed elbows with dignitaries, lived in Manhattan, and is still friend of many famous talking heads on television. In fact when she decided to move closer to home her replacement was Bryant Gumbel.

Knowing most of that could've been very intimidating. Even more intimidating than my encounter with Paula Zahn earlier this year. Oh did I mention that Jane had substituted for Paula when she was on maternity leave while with CBS? Nope. I was pretty much at ease with our meeting because I held onto one of those ironic situations that only happen to let you know there is a God.

Jane graduated from my wife's high school two years before her. That meant Jane was in Carole's (my sister-in-law) graduating class. And it turns out they were friends. And it turns out that Joan and Jane were in the band at the same time (Joan is still jealous of Jane being first chair flute). And it turns out that Jane's family has recently been visiting my sister-in-law's church and has renewed their friendship. Small world, huh?

So knowing all of that I must issue an apology to Michael Geer, the incredibly wonderful and patient cameraman who listened to me and Jane yak all morning long. It was so strange to sit down in front of this face I'd seen on network television and feel like I was having a conversation with a long lost classmate. And as much as I'd like to think it was my "positive thinking" the truth is that it really made me understand just how talented Jane Robelot must be. I can tell you from my little experiences that being in front of a lens is not easy!

I'm certain that the piece which will appear on Jane's Carolina will be outstanding. Not because of our family story or the artwork but Jane had really done her homework. She understands exactly what this blog is about and let me share as much as I wanted. Ultimately Jane wants to help me and the rest of you raising an exceptional child let the "normal" folks know what a blessing our kids really are. She even prodded me enough to reveal how our special kids make the rest of our families special.

Oh by the way. Ms. Robelot purchased some artwork today! Gretchen and the rest of you folks at PKS Kids expect a nice little check coming your way in the next few days! And Jane, thanks so much for such a pleasant experience. I look forward to your return home from vacation when our families can break bread together.


Kyla said...

How awesome!!!! :)

Karen said...

VERY cool...wish I could see it.

bennie said...

Karen, you should be able to! It will air either on July 25 or August 2. A day or two after it airs I'll be able to link to Jane's program at WYFF's website.