Friday, January 12, 2007

No Longer a Secret

Ben and Bennie will be a guest on Paula Zahn Now tonight between 8 & 9 EST. The show is on CNN so I guess CNN doesn't suck as much as I said it did last week.

Aside: A clarification needs to be made here. Paula's producer, Kari Pricher, informed me that Nancy Grace is on Headline News and NOT on CNN, so perhaps that previous post title should've read "Headline News Sucks!"

Anyway we will be getting an opportunity to share our story and support for Ashley's parents with a national TV audience. I think I'm gonna puke now...

More later.


This was in my inbox this morning:

Hello Ben and Bennie,

We enjoyed visiting your web site and getting to knowing you...through the photos. We got a kick out of your thoughts and stories.

We’re glad you will be on CNN tomorrow and will be watching. Good Luck!

(Ashley's) Dad


T. said...

I'm so excited for you and Ben!

You better clean up well. Don't embarrass you wife.

Or me...


Don't forget to speak slowly and clearly. ARTICULATE. And try not to spit all over Paula when you talk.

Kidding. No pressure or anything. Just the millions of viewers watching and the hopes and dreams of disabled and disabled-people advocates everywhere.


Anji said...

Good luck to you both!

Dr. A said...

Good luck! I'm sure you'll do well. I'm also going to plug your appearance on my blog as well today.

BlogWhore said...


Excuse my language, Ben.

Holy Shit!

Maizie and I will be glued to the tube. I just auto-tunned the show.

U kids will be famous. Maybe I can sell my autographed Telly book on Ebay and make some big cash?!?!

The Curmudgeon said...

There we go. I couldn't get on a few minutes back. You did good.

And the phone only rang here once during the interview so I got to see doggone near 100%.

Hope you get a good response.

lisa said...

Good Job Ben and Bennie!!!!!
You guys are soooo handsome on TV!

But I can't believe you left his valve off! Ben wanted to voice his opinion too!!!