Monday, April 23, 2007

The Shows are Heating Up!

Literally and figuratively. I would classify this past weekend's festival as pretty good. Sales were decent and the weather cooperated for the most part. Also the event took place at one of the more interesting places that I'll visit this season. My friend Christy attended and our booths were placed next to each other so we were able to entertain each other during the slow periods.

The Sacred Heart Cultural Center was phenomenal! Essentially a very wealthy family kept an old Catholic church (built early last century) from being razed and donated it to the arts community of Augusta, Georgia. Being the art geeks that we are Christy and I had a blast rummaging through the church. We got some cool pictures that I'll post tomorrow. By the way Christy had one of her best shows ever. I hope that good luck carries over for me this coming weekend in Hilton Head.

If I had to come up with one not-so-good thing about the past few days it would have to be the heat. The temperatures were in the mid to high 80s but I'm sure the heat index was even higher. I maybe getting in "show shape" but I definitely need to get better acclimated to the summer-like weather that's already here.

One of the best things about the folks attending Sacred Heart was the interest shown for mine and Ben's blog! It was the first show this Spring that almost everyone visiting the booth wanted to know about Ben and our painting projects. That alone made me accept the invitation to return next year. Thanks again Walter, Betsy, Judy, Kay, Donna and the many other fine folks that let me tell them about Ben and our family!

I'll have a collage of photos up sometime tomorrow. Since inventory has been fortunately depleted I need to get to work painting. Before signing off tonight I do want to tell Redneck Mommy and KimmyK that I have a new most favorite song. It's by Banjo & Sullivan and titled "I'm at Home Gettin' Hammered While She's Out Gettin' Nailed."

The pic is of my newest painting entitled "One Tree Hill."


Nurse Lisa said...

Ben and I are glad your home for a few days. We did a little work on 2 pieces while you were gone, but they aren't ready for your finishing touches (I don't think!) It was nice and comfy hanging out on the couch this weekend watching Sponge Bob...AC is great!!! ;)

BTW-I want the new painting! I also want "White Oak" and "Wayzata Bay"! Along w/ a collection of the flowers, and a few landscapes, and........ I need to win the lottery!

Anonymous said...

I can vouch for Bennie.......his stuff was great and the church was incredible. It is wonderful to have a good friend close by and actually be able to hang out together.

I have been able to hang out with him for the last three years(And yes, I was the one that the dog peed on) It has been absoulutely wonderful to see him come into his own not only as an artist but as a father as well.

Bennie, Keep up with the humor, the painting, and stay in those dresses to give Jessie that dose of reality! And most of all, love your life and Joan for all that you are accomplishing during this crazy art carny thing that we have going on. The money might not be there, but you are making it work! And that says alot!

Bennie said...

Folks, that was my lil' sister Christy who happens to be the same height as me but she chooses to wear heels at shows and has thick-ass hair that makes her look six-feet tall. I therefore look like an art slave WHICH I AM NOT.