Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sacred Heart Garden Festival

Christy setting up her booth. The vendors were located under a massive tent which came in handy when the Opening Reception was interrupted by a thunderstorm.

My booth Opening Night.

Cheers from Christy enjoying the awesome spread and open bar we shared with the patrons.

The Meat Man of Carraba's grilling some serious Chicken Marsala!

The church exterior.

A view from the alter.

A view of the alter and ceiling from the balcony.

Donna, the managing partner of Daily Grind kept us fed and caffeined. I have some pictures of her goodies (mind out of the gutter, people). Cookies, muffins, croisants all baked fresh every day of the festival.

A Bismark Palm.


Gretchen said...

Looks like a beautiful place to be. Love the new pic! WELCOME HOME!

bennie said...

A short visit unfortunately. I leave for Hilton Head on Thursday. Such a horrible place to have an art festival...I hope you all feel very sorry for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bennie,

ya had to go and make me all jealous and stuff - hrrrmph.
What an awesome setting, absolutely stunning. Hope the rest of the show was as awesome as the pics for you.
Alpharetta was great - as in, best so far (which, of course was not tooo hard to attain this year :o) ).

good luck in Hilton Head! We'll be home in town at the Anderson Soiree this weekend - yay, i get a Sunday off!
Hope your week is of the peaceful, and unstressful kind!
hugs to the gang...