Sunday, March 11, 2007

A Trip to the Mall

So on this gorgeous almost-Spring day we decide to have a family day. Instead of playing in the park, or doing much needed yard work, or cleaning up the junkyard created by our mutt dog, we decide to hit the local indoor mall. Looking back over the experience we made the wise choice.

If Ben was fired up yesterday just visiting the art supply store the adventure today was icing on the weekend cake. Of course "mall" is equal to "candy" or "chocolate" in Jessie's mind so we had kids bouncing off the walls by the time we left the house. Mine and Joan's entertainment was set in stone.

So to begin our Sunday, Joan decided to sleep in our guest room last night with Ben to monitor Ben's nightly seizures. That meant her "Attachment" would accompany her. Sure enough that bed got crowded so I grabbed Ben sometime during the night and let him sleep with me. And oh how I loved it! I awoke in our queen-sized bed with Ben's right arm around me just like I do to him.

We had our typical morning of cartoons, breakfast, and wildness that spells out complete joy for all of us. Can you blame us for skipping church again like we've done for almost two years? Honestly I think God is more entertained by our Sunday mornings in our household than what many churches offer.

We finally made it to the Haywood Mall around 1:oo and proceeded to make our presence known. Recall my visit to the art store yesterday. Ben was just as vocal if not more so as he was pushed through the mall. Yep, we got plenty of stares and ignorances as we ambulated through the store crowds. I gotta say that I'm proud of Joan for encouraging Ben to "speak up" as we did our shopping. I was also just as surprised at Jessie's embarrassment.

We were specifically looking for some new shorts, shoes and shirts for me as we shopped at some brand name stores. We finally settled on some sales at The Gap and Jessie was horrified at Daddy trying on some sun dresses. I made a point to make sure everyone knew that Jess was my daughter at check-out. Jessie disappeared among the racks as Ben sang Dad's praises!

What an awesome day!


creative-type dad said...

I hope you got some some good dresses :)

an artist on the edge said...

where are the pics of the dresses? - i'm sure you looked reeeeeal pretty! :)

Kyla said...

No photos of the lovely sun dresses?? How disappointing! *lol* Poor Jessie!! Haha.

Ben & Bennie said...

Okay, so I didn't actually put the dresses on. I just "swished" around the store holding them up to my torso as I chased Jessie into the clothing racks.

kimmyk said...

I bet you looked stunning all doodled up in a um...dress.

Don'tcha love embarrassing your kids? I love it!

Glad you guys had a good family day!