Sunday, February 04, 2007

On the Palette

Phthalo Green: Poor Joan. The two weekends off were great but she ended up having to put in two full days this weekend. I can't complain much about it because it's a part of the responsibility she inherited with her promotion. Jessie and Ben are too young to really understand why Mom is gone almost seven days a week these days. Wow...I just got a flashback of when I was young and missed seeing my Dad many days and nights because of his dedication to work.

Hopefully in a couple of weeks her staff will really get caught up and she can take some much deserved R n' R time.

Brilliant Purple: Finally! Ben woke up with a smile this morning! I guess he's now completely over the seizures from the other night. I'm really wanting him to put in a full week of school which he's not been able to do since the Christmas holidays for some reason or another. Hopefully this will be the week.

Cobalt Blue: That's one of the team colors of my prediction of tonight's Super Bowl winner. I really have no dog in this fight and would just like to see a great football game. I have too many blog friends with allegiances to both teams so here's hoping for a tie and a double-overtime game! Is anyone else worried that Prince will do something at halftime to top Janet Jackson's performance from a few years back?


cmhl said...

I hope Ben is feeling much, much better (and mom and dad too!!

Casey said...

Prince's outfit did me in, not sure about you.

Bennie said...

Did you like it or not? At least we didn't see nekkid butt showing! I thought it was good!