Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ben's Latest Art Adventure!

You never would've known this child was running a fever of around 101 most of the day yesterday. He was WILD! Lisa and Ben discuss color choices.

Ben decides on purple.

"I'm a mess!"

"But I'm a happy mess!"

Ben was all smiles today! Maybe he just needs to paint more often.

Ben works hard on his latest painting.


moosh in indy. said...

I'm a happy mess a good majority of the time too. I have warm fuzzies from this post.

Vance said...

Haha...normally I'd have an issue with the UNC blue t-shirt, but Ben pulls it off so well, I'll let it slide ;).

Loved the pics Bennie. Good stuff.

Kelly said...

He looks to be totally enjoying himself! Do you take requests, or does the art just come from your heart?

Bennie said...

We do take requests. In fact our next step is to get Ben to follow a pattern. So if for example you want a butterfly I'll show him some pictures of butterflies and let him "choose" one he particularly likes.