Thursday, February 08, 2007

Ben's Black Snake Stories and Whatnot...

Well the cat is out of the bag so to speak. We've created a new blog for Mom to soil the Blogosphere with since I haven't done as good a job as she would've. I think I've heard that before in reference to laundry, cooking, cleaning, and so forth. I'm not allowed to give out her blog address just yet since she's currently working her ass off at her job and can only find time to read just a few of the brilliant entries all of you make.

Suffice it to say that Miz Wah is a bit jealous of the attention we're getting here. Trust me when I say that there is no "romantic jealousy" involved because she knows me better than anyone in the world and would laugh hysterically if such a scenario were even contemplated. No, she thinks she can tell a tale much better than me and Ben combined.

I mentioned over lunch today that I was getting ready to tell the Snakes on the Stroller story. The one where Samuel L. Jackson meets me in the driveway and says, "we've got mother-bleeping snakes on Ben's mother-bleeping stroller!" Except it wasn't Samuel L. Jackson but my wife playing Samuel L. Jackson's part. She informed me that I couldn't tell it very well since I wasn't there for most of it.

Well, Mommy Dearest, do tell! I actually was there for most of the story with the exception of the 5 minutes you were staring horrified at the teeny tiny unidentified baby snake asleep under Ben's diaper. Yours truly did our yard a favor and let it back into the wilds (our backyard) instead of chopping it up into one-inch pieces and feeding it to the cat.

Sheesh. This is turning into a story of Biblical proportions!

This is Ben painting with his special brush he can easily hold in his formative days as an artist. You can see how much fun he has painting at such an early age (3 years). I'm sure he's laughing at Mom thinking she saw an anaconda when it was just a baby snake.


Vance said...

I think you should just tell the story like Samuel L. Jackson was actually there. Give the story a little more excitement.

Also, while I'm kind to almost all animals, a snake wouldn't be one of them. You're a better man than me b/c I would have chopped that sucker up :)

kimmyk said...

LOL, that face is just crackin' me up. I'm glad he's happy and not pissed off!!! He's so damn cute!

I dont like snakes. They give me the willies. Tell your wife i'd be cussin' like a sailor too!