Saturday, December 02, 2006


My family wanted to report that we made it through the Tree Erection ceremony fairly unscathed. Nothing more than a few bumps and bruises. We were even cordial after FGT apologized for arriving home so grumpy. Of course she's still somewhat off-kilter since she's headed off to the office shortly.

Blogger has been acting freaky all morning. I'm finally getting to use the regular "Compose" screen as opposed to having to use HTML to make a post (which was the only choice for most of the morning). Evidently that has been quite common for all of us using Blogger today.

I generally use Internet Explorer. There were two suggestions at the Google forum for Blogger. Either clean out IE's cache (use the tools link at the top of the page, click on internet options, "delete files" under temporary internet files) which didn't work for me or use another internet browser. The only other browser I'd recommend is Firefox. I switched my browser and that did the trick.

I had not used Firefox in awhile so I had to upgrade to version 2.0 from Mozilla's website. Pretty nifty! This upgraded version is much easier to use than the first one. I think I might stick with it for good.

Anyway, if you're putting up your tree this weekend I wish you good luck and keep the weapons locked up. Oh yeah, white lights won this year! Mom was out-voted for a change.

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