Thursday, December 28, 2006

On the fourth day of Christmas

We give you a bit of the joy and happiness me and Joan experienced. Enjoy!

Jessie helps Ben open Me-Ma's gift.

"I think I like opening presents!"

Ben and Jessie model their new pajamas Christmas Eve.

Jessie doles out the presents Christmas morning.

Ben takes a look into his stocking.

Jessie brings Ben another gift! By the way Ben learned how to say "more" on Monday morning.

Jessie models her stylish vest from Uncle Cameron and Aunt Sheri.

Ben takes his first look at this strange box that talks like Elmo.

Ben is ignoring the present he is opening to watch his new buddy, Elmo.

I think Ben likes TMX Elmo. He's slept with him every night since Christmas.

"Have a Merry Christmas everyone! I'm going back to bed!"


an artist on the edge said...

Hi Bennie,

looks like you all had a great christmas - especially the kids! I love their jammies picture! (reminds me of my childhood christmas eves, with cousins, new jammies, and warm fuzzy family times)

I'm glad that all of you got to be together to celebrate christ's b'day without white coated people with stethoscopes standing around Ben's bed.

Yay, Ben!!! have your dad record your new word, so we can hear it... I'm glad you are doing well and had a great christmas at home-
You and your sister look like you're best buddies - lucky you!

thanks for sharing your special family time with everybody!


T. said...

Jessie is so pretty! My daughter has the exact same vest, although her's is red. Together they can look like Yeti's!

I'm so glad you all had a wonderful Christmas. Your family so justly deserved it.

May Elmo not drive anyone crazy....