Thursday, December 14, 2006

Blogged By Ben

Hi everyone! It's good to be back blogging again. My Dad told me that all of you were worried about me the past few days. I want to say thank you for thinking about me! I know how much it means to my Mom and Dad. I hope you can feel me smiling at you right now!

Things are getting back to normal around here after I slept so much the first part of the week. I've missed all of my regular school days so Dad says that me and Vickie will go tomorrow. I think my Dad was surprised today because he got the paints out for us to work on artwork. Well I was having too much fun with Miss Jenny! Plus my Me-Ma was here and I wanted to play with her too. Me and Dad can paint another day.

My Me-Ma was visiting because she and my Dad are finishing up the next Telly Turtle book. Guess what? They told me today that the second book will be about me!!! I can't tell you too much because it would spoil the surprise.

One other cool thing happened today. We sold TWO of the paintings that me and dad did together! We are both so excited. I guess Dad was right about needing to do some more paintings. Talk to you soon!

Above: Jessie, Me-Ma, and Rudolph.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ben! I have been asking about you this week. Ms Carolyn told me she came to visit you this morning and that you were feeling so much better. I am so glad! Did you enjoy painting with daddy? Did you show Ms Jenny how you can open your hands so wide when you paint? Can't wait to see you tomorrow! Sleep tight.
PS Isn't the new book going to be great???

Anonymous said...

Hi Ben,

i'm soooo glad to hear that you are feeling a bit better now - i was worried about you...

i love your red nose - looks like you are having a great time!
can't wait to see what your next painting will be. The christmas rose painting is very nice - the two of you are a great team!

Tell your sister she's a beautiful kid - you are lucky to have such a nice big sister (sheesh, i'm almost jealous: i only had to big ole meanie brothers...but they've grown out of that now :o) )

have a great day at school tomorrow!