Saturday, November 11, 2006

You Want Some Cheese With That?

From Dad (again):

When I started this blog my wife told me I could tell anything about our lives (well, almost anything) with one condition which we will call Rule 1: don't blog if I'm drinking wine. Why? I tend to whine when I wine. Under Rule 1 there's a sub-condition which we will call Rule 1(a): don't whine (wine?) on the blog.

Last evening I broke Rules 1 and 1(a). In my defense I was honestly making an effort to add just a bit more humor to this blog. You see, I am new to this whole blogging thing. In fact I never knew there was this whole blogging universe out here in cyberspace. I'm surfing. I'm reading. I'm researching. I'm laughing. I'm crying. I'm discovering what makes a good blog. I'm jealous.

There are some talented writers out here in Blog World. In fact I'll be linking some of them here just as soon as I figure out how to do that. I should have plenty of time since I'm having no luck in finding suitable employment. Which brings me back to last night's post. I'm thinking "let's poke a little fun at our current situation; self-deprivating humor always goes over well." And it's true! We (me and my wife) think our predicament is funny... otherwise we'd have to shoot ourselves. Plus it wouldn't be like Borat, stumbling and bumbling around creating laughs at the expense of race or religion (by the way, that is one funny dude).

So I set out last night to make this blog just a bit more entertaining. One problem. I broke Rule 1 which led to breaking Rule 1(a) as well.

I even let Joan read my finished "work" before we went to bed last night. Before she even took one look at the screen she eye-balled the half-empty wine glass and asked "Do you remember Rule 1?"

"Dadgummith, Joan, justh read it. Ith funny!"

She reads.

"It ain't funny."

"It ith too. You justh don't underthstand good humor. I'm going to passth out now."

We went to bed.

So here I am looking at the half-empty wine glass trying to explain why there's this strange little paragraph about my sinus infection from last night. Don't be disappointed that you missed out on all of that self-deprivating humor from that post since it's now floating around somewhere in Deletion World. Dang it, I just gotta remember Rule number one. I hope we're not out of aspirin.


Anonymous said...

HI All! Hope you have had a good weekend so far! Did you get to the game? Bennie, I have to say that you are very entertaining, and I was glad to see that Joan reminded you of Rule 1! I was wondering who that guy was that posted on Ben's site last night!

Anyway, here is some free advertising for you on one of my favorite message boards:
"Original Artwork for a Great cause!

As some of you know, I am a nurse for special needs children. I work in these kids homes and become part of their family! One of my kids, Ben, is an artist following in his daddy's handprints!! Dad travels throughout the spring and summer selling artwork to help support the family, but there isn't any shows in the late fall and winter. He is trying to build up his sales via the internet and Ebay. So I thought I would post links to his websites and some pics of my favorite pieces. For any artwork bought by an OCP member, I will donate 10% of the sale to OCP out of my own money! (He also donates a % of the sale money to Ben's school) So, take a look, and remember that your money is going to TWO good causes! "

So far 12 people have checked it out in less than 24 hours...hope it helps your sales!!

Ben and Bennie said...

We missed you last week! You are very kind to spread the word! I did make a sale on e-Bay this weekend and one at the game. Maybe I should whine (wine?) somemore? Nah.........

We look forward to seeing you this week!