Sunday, November 12, 2006

First Top Ten List

From Dad (again):
I just read the latest blog post of one of my favorite bloggers. Crouching Mommy, Hidden Laundry is an outstanding and absolute hilarious blog. Often she has some poignant stuff about raising her two children.

Her eldest child happens to be a boy just a tad older than Ben. I always admire....hmmm....okay maybe I am just a bit envious of what is happening with this particular child. The latest post talks about her son's participation in his first competitive basketball game. Her observations suggest there is something inherently different between boys and girls. She is surprised by the yelling of coaches and the actions of parents "rooting" for their children.

The post really got me thinking about my own children and Ben in particular. I thought back to "Challenge Day" and how wonderful it felt to be a parent of a child participating in it. There is no doubt that each participant that day felt a sense of accomplishment and victory. From my own experience the same can't be said of the situation described earlier which is an unfortunate part of growing up.

This leads me to my first Top Ten list.

Things I'm glad I will miss because of PKS:

1. Ben crying because his coach of name-the-sport didn't let him play.

2. Worrying about his grades.

3. Worrying about his behavior.

4. Worrying about his dates.

5. Worrying about his in-laws.

6. Brother vs. Sister Wars.

7. "I hate my dad because he (fill in the blank)."

8. "Where have you been all night?"

9. "Dad, I want a tattoo and my right nipple pierced."

10. "You dropped out of college to do WHAT?"

The photo is of me trying to help Ben understand the game "Pull Dad's Finger."

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