Monday, November 20, 2006

Wheelchair Update #2

Some of you may remember this post from a week ago today. Update #2 isn't much better. Joan is holding me in check for the moment so she can figure out where the heck Ben's wheelchair might be located. She called again today. Long story short: parts that had been ordered had been shipped to the wrong place and therefore had to be reordered. Translation: National Seating and Mobility (at least here in the Greenville, SC area) have some good liars and are full of BS.

Our "representative" of the seller of this equipment is a freakin bozo joke of a person. I won't go into details but during the ordering process Jeff (for obvious reasons I won't reveal the rest of his name) offended Joan in some of his references to Ben. Basically he's a jerk that needs his footing ripped from underneath him. He's an idiot that I can't believe got a job unless National Seating was THAT desperate. At the time we were at this company's mercy. Thank God we have some new suppliers in town. We'll never use this supplier again even if we have to travel a good distance.

The good news: next week's phone call will come from pissed-off dad. I'm the one that has to load his current vehicle around which is bulky and has caused me severe back pain in recent weeks.

You never get used to this kind of crap

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Anonymous said...

AMEN!!! You don't know how tempted I was last Friday to call that jerk and let him have a piece of my mind also. I even wanted to get Beth, Cheryl, Beth, and Lisa in on it if I could. Think we'd get it sooner if we ALL called him up???