Monday, November 13, 2006

Wheelchair Report #1

Okay fellow bloggers and readers of this wonderful site dedicated to the welfare of my son. It is almost time to inundate a company with some well-written questions and clever comments in regard to the delivery of Ben's MUCH NEEDED wheelchair.

It just so happened that an annual meeting with a rep from the Department of Social Services and Special Needs (DDSN for short) took place today. This is usually a BS type of meeting that includes gratuitous paper signings and post-dating. I, however, had an agenda today. Where is our freaking wheelchair?

In reviewing my calendar it was discovered that the initial order was made in March of 2006. Let me say that again...our initial order was made in MARCH OF 2006. I'm going to guess that most of y'all would be pretty ticked off were this a car you ordered. Now think of this as a necessity. Yeah, the Waddells are pretty ripe right now.

Welcome to another aspect of "Exceptional Living". Whomever has Ben's wheelchair has been paid in full for many months yet we're still waiting for it. Unfortunately this is all too common when we have to order equipment or supplies.

Me and Ben want his chair!

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