Wednesday, November 22, 2006

What an awesome day!

Actually, what an awesome week! So many cool things have happened to our family that we almost hate to see this Thanksgiving week end. Last year Ben was sick so I stayed home with him and got to eat my ma-in-law's leftovers. My father told me years ago that the Thanksgiving celebration would eventually by far surpass Christmas. Now I know what he meant.

The creme de la creme (so far) has been getting Ben's new wheelchair. Dummy me did photograph the event but completely forgot using the camcorder. All of those folks that have supported us throughout the past seven years deserve to see his reaction. I hope the stills will convey what me, Joan, and Lisa got to witness.

I wish I had the verbal skills to describe the experience today. The only comparison would be like any other little boy receiving his first bike. When the chair was pushed into the room Ben's eyes lit up. He started talking and he wouldn't stop. All we could distinguish every now and then was him saying "cool."

Eventually the new tray (which is see-through acrylic) was mounted. The photo of that moment is obvious. Ben went nuts because he could see his feet! It was a pleasure to watch Ben follow Mark around as he adjusted the new chair. By the way, I want to add here that the goof-ball we dealt with in the beginning didn't deliver the chair. The guy who did was/has been wonderful.

After Lisa's shift was over and it was just me, Ben, the cat, the dog, and the escaped hamster we had some Ben and Daddy Time. It was short-lived. Ben couldn't take his eyes off of his new chair. Seriously!

Tomorrow will be the first test drive. We'll post some pictures of that as well. In the mean time, we wish everyone reading this blog a happy and joyous Thanksgiving. We certainly have already had one.


Anonymous said...

Ben, that chair is "way cool"!!! I was so excited to see how happy you were, I know you will make great strides w/ that beautiful ride! And I love that Ohio State Buckeye's color!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you all had just the best day..and yes the chair is a real roadster model..absolutely way way cool!

I bet you're loving it Ben...and who wouldn't. :O) It's great to hear you all had a wonderful week. Things don't get much better than this do they...truly much to be thankful for. The pictures of you Ben say it all sweetie...I'm really happy for you.

Happy Happy T-Day to you all..and may blessings abound always.


cmhl said...

hey, that is awesome!!!! I hope you have fun with it Ben!!