Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This Maddening Blogworld!

Whoa! I've spent nearly the entire day on the computer. "I laughed. I cried. It moved me, Bob (Veggie Tales excerpt)." I can only say that the movement was not what Larry, the Tomato meant. Geez!

There is a very good reason for this behaviour. I want to increase traffic to this site which therefore might lead to a potential sales increase. Zero to 1 would be like...ummm...I'm an artist and this is difficult...a hundred percent increase? Hey, I'm no marketing expert but that would be like awesome, right?

Well in the investigating I got to visit some very cool sites. I'll be adding those to my Blogroll soon (man, I'm using the lingo and everything now) as soon as I frappin figure out how to to that! I did notice Blogwhore hanging around today and it was much appreciated.

Oh don't get your panty's in a wad over the name. Geez! It don't mean nothin' particularly for you people with your head in the gutter. I know who you are! speaking of which...Hey Mama!

Anyway I'd like you to take the time to visit those blogs and art websites over on the right side. I know they'd all appreciate it and who knows? You might become a blogwhore too!

The photo is of Ben (talking of course) with my God-Daughter/niece Caroline and my mother.

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