Thursday, November 09, 2006

Hi friends! I'm glad you have returned to read about me and my family. This week has not been as exciting as I had hoped. Everybody in my family has been sick except for me! Wow! That's a first around this household.

I missed all my school this week. Election Day school was closed and my Dad has been feeling ill the last two. He told Mom he felt like going but she was worried he might bring an illness into my classroom. My friends at school are doing some remarkable things and are getting stronger from all the therapies we get but we still are very vulnerable to respiratory sickness this time of year.

My nursing situation is finally set! I now have three nurses working with me and I like them all! Miss Vickie will now come on Mondays and Fridays. Miss Lisa will be here Wednesdays. This week I got to know my new nurse and I can tell she will be lots of fun. Her name is Jenny Ohly. She is very tall! Since Dad was at home all day I got to hear him tell Miss Jenny all about me. I can tell that my Daddy is very proud of me! Miss Jenny says she wants to paint with me too. She said Vickie can't have all the fun!

I am looking forward to the weekend! To make up for not getting to school Dad is going to paint with me tomorrow. Then late in the afternoon he is going to take me with him to meet up with all of his football buddies. Saturday is Furman's rivalry game with Georgia Southern University and some of his GSU friends will be there to meet me for the first time! I hope to have lots of pictures from there and at the game Saturday.

As always I hope all of my friends around the world are healthy and happy! If you think you can't smile then look for a picture of me. I'll have one for you.

The photo was taken almost four years ago at Disney World. We were in the Magic Kingdom less than ten minutes when Snow White shows up. From that moment on Ben couldn't contain his joy for three straight days. This is a treasured family moment.

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Anonymous said...

HI Ben!!!! Sorry I missed playing with you on Wednesday...I seem to have caught the creeping-crud that is going around town. :( I am glad that you met Jenny and you like her! I like her too, and I know you will have fun with her on my days with Grayson! I hope you have lots of fun meeting w/ Dad's friends and watching the football game...GO PALADINS!!!

See ya on Monday!