Monday, November 13, 2006

Hello everyone. The weekend didn't go quite as planned but I still had fun. I did go with Dad to visit his tailgating friends on Friday night. I had a great time seeing some of my tailgating pals and meeting some new folks for the first time! Dad sat me on his lap at the head of the table so I could be the center of the party.

I missed getting to go to the game on Saturday because I woke up very congested that morning. Since rain was predicted Mom decided that she would stay home with me. I had fun anyway because we ended up having dinner at my Aunt Carole's house. There I got to play with my cousins Graham and Chandler!

Yesterday morning I got in the bathtub with Dad. I really enjoy it when I get in the water. I pretend that I am swimming at a pool or a lake. We have some excercises we do in the water to help me build muscle tone. Plus we splash each other and make a big mess to irritate Mommy!

Thankfully everyone is feeling better around here which means I get to go to school tomorrow! I am looking forward to it so very much. It'll be neat to introduce Miss Jenny to my class. I'll be sure to report back here tomorrow to tell you all about it!

Take care!

The photo is of Ben and Lisa Stamy. Ben wouldn't smile because he was too busy talking.

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