Monday, October 16, 2006

Thoughts on Art.
Most shows or festivals are advertised as an "Arts & Crafts" event. Most attendees never know the difference between an "artist" or a "craftsman." I apologize to the politically correct but I'm using the masculine form of the English language to write this. I apologize to all my female artist friends (and there are many).

10 Differences between an Artist and a Craftsman.

  1. An artist will punish his craft tools pushing the brush, blade, or lathe to the brink of breaking.
    A crafter would be horrified watching an artist work.
  2. An artist is messy, bold, and flamboyant.
    A crafter is precise, quiet, and modest.
  3. An artist will tell you exactly what kind of paint, brush, saw blade, varnish, or canvas he used to accomplish his art because he knows no matter how hard you try you can’t duplicate it.
    A crafter will tell you nothing about how he accomplished his craft because he knows that if you worked hard enough you could duplicate it.
  4. An artist never wants to do the same work again.
    A crafter always wants to do the same work again.
  5. An artist is usually a Democrat.
    A crafter is usually a Republican.
  6. An artist creates.
    A crafter creates and then replicates.
  7. An artist would rather sell you an original than a print.
    A crafter would rather sell you a print than the original.
  8. An artist, as much he likes his work admired, would rather be in his studio creating.
    A crafter would rather be at the show selling.
  9. An artist solicits critique from anyone and everyone.
    Never critique a crafter unless you’re another crafter.
  10. An artist would cut off his ear to achieve his goal.
    A crafter would find a way to re-attach it.

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Anonymous said...

hmmm ... interesting ... i wonder what you might say about the question of 'what is an artist'?