Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hello again! While my dad has been hard at work painting the past few days I've been attending school at The Washington Center. My sister complains a bunch about school and sometimes doesn't even want to go. I love going to school! In fact I missed the first day of school this year because I was so excited that I stayed up all the night before. I ended up sleeping all day.

My teacher is Miss Kristy. She has two aides, Miss Doris and Miss Sallie, who help take care of me and my classmates everyday. They are wonderful ladies and I dearly love them! They have really creative ideas in helping me and my friends learn how to walk, talk, and communicate.

I have a best friend too! His name is Justin and I hope to show you a picture of the two of us very soon. We will be going to Special Olympics tomorrow so I hope my daddy takes lots of pictures.

My daddy will be putting our first painting up for sale very soon, possibly even tomorrow. He and my mom have decided to give part of the proceeds to our class fund. That pays for some fun activities for us to do that the school cannot afford. Keep coming back here so you can see it and read about my big day tomorrow.

Miss Kristy took the picture of me at school. You can see I have fun there. Talk to you again soon!

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