Wednesday, October 04, 2006

From Bennie:

Just a little about my artwork. I am acrylic painter using mostly canvas, paper, and wood. Most of my paintings are done on "gallery wrapped" canvases. This means the canvas sides are painted and the work does not need framing. I love these finished pieces because they are three dimensional.

Just about everything I will offer for sale here will be fairly small gallery wrap paintings. They will range from 8" x 10" up to about "16 x 20". The price will include shipping. If I should offer a painting on canvas paper (which will need framing) I will label it as such. At the moment I am undecided on the prices but their costs will be $100 or less.

Once a week me and Ben will collaborate on a piece. Ben loves painting and is a fixture in my studio when I am working. We have also found this to be a tremendous therapy for him. His fine motor skills have improved drastically since we started putting his hands in paint. I hope those who purchase these paintings will appreciate not only their artistic value but their human value as well!

The above photo was taken on a camping trip in May of 2005 at Devil's Fork State Park, Oconee County, SC.

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