Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Truth?

In so many ways this has been a great day. I'll admit that I am a soccer (futbol...futball...whatever) nut. The instinct this afternoon was to write about the incredible USA win over Algeria. It was fun to have Jessie, Ben, and his South African nurse watch an epic end to the Group Stage of this year's World Cup. Yes indeed...I jumped upon our sofa...buried my face to hide tears of joy...and quickly ran Jessie to a dental appointment ten minutes after the match had ended.

All of my excitement about sports including the record breaking Wimbledon tennis match that took place today was washed away. Once again my elected leaders have failed me, my family, and the American public.

Recently I have been asked why I've remained so quiet on my blog. There has been much to tell but I had a temporary job as a 2010 Census Worker that roughly began at the end of April. In training I was instructed, if not threatened, to not reveal what I was doing publicly.

Over the course of a very short three weeks I made some allusions to my job on Facebook without revealing anything that would get me in trouble. Meanwhile I remained silent on our blog. This place is much more important to us than my Facebook page.

In the few short weeks of work that were supposed to be a bit more than promised I was exposed to government waste like none of you would believe. Seriously. You as a taxpayer would be SICK about what, how much, and how easy we could have bilked you. I didn't. But I do know of others who did.

I wanted a job in the next phase. A call a few weeks back told me I would be hired for the next phase by recommendation of my superiors. All was cool until I found out today that the training would be July 1st. WTF??? On an extended July 4th weekend this year, the Census Bureau has its training on July 1st? And the next phase will not start until July 11?

Personally I have given up several good shows in the Spring and Summer because I wanted the Census work. I have been lied to - I have been pressured just reach goals with the promise that I will receive more work. That was a HUGE lie.

I now have no source of income for the rest of the summer because of our elected assholes and their chosen douche bags. This is your government at work. You now have idiots finishing your census info. How does that make you feel? Are you pissed yet? I am.

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Unknown said...

Me too, I was scheduled to my dentist when USA-Algeria game was happening. I'm a big football fan too. My heart was trembling and shaking all-over the game period. I jumped over the sofa when America scored the winning goal. Then after the game I had to go to Easley Sc. Dentist's robe was on the shadow and for the surprise, he was also watching the soccer game! It was commentary and interview time when I got in. I thought he would be pissed off because I was late. Lucky, we were both FIFA fans. Later I had known that they organized a group of dentist who were all fan of the game. They were gathering in Clemson. Dentist by profession but soccer fan by heart! Later I had joined the group for exemption – In the group, I was the only member who wasn't a dentist.
Easley Sc
Football Fan Club is the name of our group. We exchange ideas, photos, and insights of the game. I had gained friends, and free dentisry knowledge and check-up as well.